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Top Ideas For Aussie Care Packages

Your perfect gift guide for cheering up a homesick Aussie!

Gifts For Homesick Aussies

Australians like to travel, and we like to experience what it is like to live overseas. It might not always stack up to the magic of our big sunny continent but there is plenty of exciting adventures and interesting experiences to be had overseas.

For all range of reasons many Australians decide to live somewhere else, either for a little while or a long while, and inevitably, at some point pangs of homesickness make themselves known. Unfortunately it is not always possible to jump on a plane to get a genuine dose of Aussie, however, it is possible to have a taster sent over to make you feel warm and loved and proud to call Australia home.

If you have a friend or family member that is living overseas check out this article for the top ideas to include in Aussie care packages.

Stubby Cooler

There is something innately Australian about the stubby cooler, you’re unlikely to go anywhere in Australia without seeing them. A must have item for all BBQs, picnics, festivals and camping trips.

When visiting friends the host will almost certainly offer you one, or if you’re extra savvy you might bring your favourite with you! Sending a stubby cooler in your care package is guaranteed to bring a grin to the receiver’s face and they can take it wherever they go with pride.

Stubby coolers are light and small and easy to fit in a parcel to send. Be sure to add one to your care package.




Chattermate Toy

The Chattermate toys come in three versions; koala, kangaroo and cockatoo and all are guaranteed to bring laughter to both young and old. The toys speak all
languages and copy what you say, why not teach it some Aussie slang for extra entertainment factor.

At 17cm this toy is pretty compact, light and easy to send. They are cuddly to provide the comfort of home and also entertaining to cheer up your homesick loved one.



Kangaroo Poo Chocolates

Everyone enjoys a gift of chocolate but instead of boring plain chocolate choose these hilarious Australian themed chockies to add to your care package. The novelty Kangaroo Poo Chocolate comes in a 100g packet, is Australian made and sealed for easy sending.

The perfect addition to any Aussie care package to give your friend or family member an extra giggle from home while they tuck into this sweet treat.

We also range a cute Koala Poo Chocolate box too!


Of course! No one will be surprised at the addition of Vegemite to the list of recommendations and for good reason! The Australian spread of choice is a true taste of home and many Aussies are die hard fans of this spread. What is toast without Vegemite?!

Vegemite can be very difficult and near impossible to get when overseas so begging friends back home to send some over is the best chance for many ex pat Australians to get their Vegemite fix.

While the usual glass jars are heavy and breakable, making them more difficult and expensive to send, this smart 10 pack of Vegemite portions is the perfect size for sending. Being in little, light, sealed portions also gives the receiver the added bonus of easily taking a few portions with them wherever they go.

Australian Artist Designed Salad Servers

A unique Australian artist designed salad server set is a thoughtful gift that makes the receiver think of home at every meal. These salad servers also make a wonderful talking point when having new friends over for a meal.

The salad server sets come in a range of beautiful and uniquely Australian patterns named for the artist who created them such as Alma Granites, Teddy Gibson, Ruth Stewart and Judy Watson. The servers are light and strong, made from melamine making them easy to send.

Each set comes with information about the specific australian artist and artwork. Royalties from the sale of these products also go directly back to the artist and community so this is a gift you can be proud to give.


Native Bird Reusable Cup

Australian’s love their coffee and are likely to spend considerable time overseas looking for coffee that compares to brews from home. Then there is the challenge of figuring out what your favourite coffee is called overseas - I never did figure out how to order an iced coffee Australian style when I was visiting the US.

At least we can give a quality reusable coffee cup with native Australian birds to make travelling Aussies feel like they are drinking delicious Australian coffee! These cups come in three gorgeous designs and are made from a blend of bamboo, corn powder and resin with a heat resistant silicone sleeve.

They are dishwasher safe and hold 350ml and are sure to be a good companion while your loved one is out and about exploring a new city, coffee in hand of course.


Australian Phrases Book

This small book of Australian phrases will be a hit with your expat friend or family member, they can keep it on their coffee table and bring it out to help educate new friends as to what on earth they’re saying.

Likely to be used to settle numerous debates about phrases and terms used by Australians that confuse the rest of the world. This little book is a must have really, an instruction manual to the language of the people from down under!


So there you have it, seven top ideas to include in an Aussie care package to loved ones living and traveling overseas. To see our full range for more great ideas shop here.





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