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Ultimate T-Shirt Buying Guide

We take the guess work out of buying your next t-shirt


T shirts are a wardrobe staple, worn almost every day for many people and available in an infinite amount of different colours, patterns and designs.

Men, women and children wear t shirts of every description carrying their favourite characters, quotes, teams and colours. T shirts can be worn to denote preferences, pride, sponsorship, patriotism, camaraderie and even activism.

Every aspect from the cut, fit, colour, type and display tells you something about the wearer in some way or another so t shirts it turns out are surprisingly important. Perhaps it is time we took a deeper look at that casual item we hurriedly pull over our heads each day.

T shirts come in many different types, some of the most common are described below:

Crew Neck T-Shirts

Crew neck t-shirts are probably the most popular type of t-shirt neckline. The crew t-shirt neckline is rounded and fits snuggly at the neck with a thicker hemline to capture sweat and for extra durability and comfort.

It is called the ‘crew’ neck because originally it was worn by ships crew as undergarments and then eventually evolved into being worn as an outer garment as well. Crew neck t-shirts are popular with men, women and children and are available in the most options for colours, patterns and designs.

Crew neck t-shirts work well with layering jumpers and jackets over the top and are very versatile, the two t-shirts below are great examples of crew neck t shirts.


V Neck T-Shirts

The V Neck t shirt is fairly self explanatory, the neckline is in a v shape. The V neckline comes at various heights from high neck to lower neck.

The V neckline is more of a modern look and is commonly worn on its own or with an unbuttoned shirt or cardigan over the top. V neck tees are popular with men and women and less so with children.

The below Australian Flag & Kangaroo Womens T-Shirt below is a good example of an Australian V neck tshirt.



Polo Shirts

Polo shirts gained popularity with golf and tennis players and other sports people. They also make a great uniform shirt and can be often seen with branding and logos embossed on them.

Polo shirts are a popular type of shirt especially in physical and sports based jobs such as cleaners, pe teachers and physiotherapists. Their popularity with cool celebrity sports people is also resulting in a flow over into office workers and all sorts of other job roles as professional attire.

Preppy rich men also like to pair a polo shirt with a sweater and cargo shorts for a particular and now cliche outfit style. Polo shirts are more popular with men but are gaining popularity with women and children over time.

The two Australian polo shirts featured below are great examples and are both Aussie sports team themed!



Sports T-Shirts

Sports shirts can usually be identified by their quick dry fabrics like breathable stretch polyester. These fabrics are light and designed to wick sweat away from the skin for optimal comfort during exertion.

They are also usually more flexible and stretchy to ensure they don't hinder movement at all. Often, though not always, sports tops are branded with team colours or logos though personal fitness gears can also be any colour or pattern imaginable.

This Southern Cross Soccer Shirt is a great example, emblazoned with the Australian green and gold official sporting colours and made from quick drying stretchy polyester.




Singlets are also popular shirts to wear especially in a place as hot as Australia. Technically they can’t really be called a T shirt since they are sleeveless and thus missing the ‘T’ shape formed by the sleeves however they are worth their place in the list because of their popularity as an Aussie fashion staple.

Singlets are not quite as versatile as t shirts as they are not acceptable to be worn in many places such as workplaces, bars, restaurants, dinner parties or places of worship to name a few. They are most suited for casual attire around the home, playing sports or at the beach.

There are different styles of singlets available with various necklines, lengths and fit types. Singlets are worn by both men and women though the styles worn are usually very different between the sexes.

For example this green and gold sports singlet is in a style likely to be more favoured by males due to its looser fit and shape.


Australia the Gift T-Shirts

As illustrated by the examples given above, Australia The Gift boasts a huge range of different T shirts, singlets and sports shirts. These are perfect for Australian travel souvenirs, gifts for friends and family or general everyday attire to express your Aussie pride.

There are many colours and patterns to choose from with a big focus on Australian icons such as the green and gold official Australian sports colours, Koalas and Kangaroos our national animal mascots, the Australian flag for patriotism, images of the country itself and depictions of quintessential Australian beach lifestyle.

Next time you want to add a new T shirt to your wardrobe, are in need of supporter clothing to celebrate your country’s sportspeople or want to collect a useful and fantastic souvenir or gift think of Australian themed t shirts from Australia The Gift.




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