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Environmentally Responsible Aussie Gifts

Our guide to finding a environmentally friendly Australian gift

Environmentally Responsible Aussie Gifts

Us humans have not treated our earth very well over the years and it is starting to show. Over-consumption and unchecked pollution are causing all sorts of issues around the world.

The natural environment is in crisis so as a conscious consumer we can each try to do our part by changing habits and adopting more environmentally responsible actions in our lives.

Australian Made Pot Stand

A very easy change is in the things we purchase, certain items are more environmentally responsible than others. Australia The Gift is proud to stock a range of gifts that are more responsible options for the conscious consumer these include recycled items, locally made gifts, community supported art and things crafted from natural materials.

See below for our top picks for Environmentally Responsible Aussie Gifts.



Recycled Notebook

A gift that is useful is always a great choice. Notebooks are excellent for to do lists, keeping a journal and recording adventures.

Our recycled notebooks have 70 pages of genuine recycled paper. These notebooks come in a range of colours and have a pretty inlay of an Australian Map, Koalas, or Kangaroos and come with a matching pen attached.

Mini Australia Scape

This pretty Mini Australia Scape is little timber sculptural display of Australian animals and makes a great gift for children and adults alike.

This gift is 100% Australian Made from responsibly sourced wood. Every tree is different, therefore the colour and grain of timber varies, making each product unique.

The mini Australia Scape comes beautifully packaged in a recycled cardboard gift box and is a fun quick activity to set up.


Australia Coaster Set

This fun and happy Australia Coaster Set is both great to look at and a useful gift. The Australia coaster set is 100% Australian made and features 6 different Australian icons.

The Australia Coaster Set is one of many in our range which also includes similar Native Australian Wildflowers and Australian Animals coaster sets.

All three of these sets are made from sustainably sourced native wood timbers with unique varying colour and grains in the timber and come in a pretty recycled cardboard gift box.


Kangaroo Jerky

Kangaroo jerky might be a surprising addition to a list of environmentally responsible gifts. However surprising, it is true that kangaroo meat is actually better for the environment than most other meats.

Kangaroos are native to Australia and in some places are so numerous that they reach pest levels and cause problems so controlled hunting helps to keep the environment in balance.

Because Kangaroos roam wild they don’t rely on mono-crops of grains or other intensive farming techniques, which makes them much more sustainable and have less environmental impact. Choose Kangaroo jerky for a unique, interesting, tasty and environmentally responsible gift.


Native Birds Reusable Cup

Australians dump an estimated 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year that is such a crazy number, it’s no wonder the environment is struggling to cope.

Join the movement of people swapping to reusable cups and purchase a reusable keep cup for yourself or as a wonderful gift. Our Native Bird Reusable Cups come in three unique and beautiful designs featuring Australian native birds.

The cups are made from a blend of bamboo, corn powder and resin with a heat resistant silicone sleeve and are even dishwasher safe. Stylish, eco and trendy these cups make an ideal environmentally responsible gift.


Banksia Gifts

Gifts made from Banksia seeds are very popular at the moment, with their stylish and unique look, natural feel and environmentally sustainable production it’s easy to see why.

Banksia seed pods are an end of life resource, new items are made from the discarded seed pods from the Banksia family of native Australia trees. Gifts made from Banksia are 100% Australian made and give the Banksia pods a new lease on life by recycling them and turning them into a new natural product.

The Banksia pods are collected under strict state forestry conditions by licensed pickers to ensure they remain environmentally sustainable. Australia The Gift offers a variety of Banksia items including the Banksia Double Tealight Holder, the Banksia Coaster Set and the ever popular Banksia Mini Aroma Pots.

Shop the whole range of Banksia gifts here.



It is important that we all do our part in changing our daily habits and voting with our dollar to choose gifts and other purchases that are more environmentally responsible.

If we all do these little things and be conscious with our consumerism then we will be able to enjoy a beautiful, safe, clean and thriving natural environment for many generations to come.

Choose one of the 6 environmentally responsible gifts in the list above next time you are looking for a gift and you can be proud of being part of positive change.



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