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Best Housewarming Gifts Australia

Help make a house a home with these amazing Australian gift ideas!

Best Australian Housewarming Gifts

Quality over quantity

When choosing a housewarming gift you want to strike a balance between practicality and luxury. The best housewarming presents are useful things that the receiver is likely to need and use on a regular basis.

However, that being said try to choose things on the higher end of this scale by choosing items that are especially beautiful, quality and luxurious. These are the things that the receiver might not feel justified in purchasing themselves and will truly appreciate such as genuine art coasters or a stunning platter for entertaining.

Remember 1-2 quality well thought out items are better than a bunch of useless items that they have to find space for in their new home.

A new favourite mug

Everyone has a favourite mug that they cradle full of steaming hot coffee in the mornings, why not get them a new favourite mug that is fine and luxurious and exquisitely decorated such as the Australian Wildlife Mug.

Or perhaps a new set of pretty cups and saucers? It is always nice to have some extra special cups to bring out when friends are visiting, a great housewarming gift is a set of memorable genuine artist designed teacups and saucers such as the Alma Granites teacups pictured below.

These teacups do come in several different patterns and colours so there is likely one that suits the person you are buying for, or you could curate a set with one of each colour so that there is never any confusion over whose cup is whose.

Alma Granites Tea Cup & Saucer
Australian Wildlife Mug

A beautiful art coaster set

Coasters are something that every home needs in order to protect surfaces from damage caused by cups and glasses. Many people accumulate a haphazard range of coasters without too much thought, and end up with a range of not matching or simply undesirable coasters in their house.

A housewarming gift is a great opportunity to give a proper curated and beautiful coaster set to work seamlessly with the persons home. It may seem simple but an interesting and visually appealing coaster nearly always becomes a talking point with friends and family over a cup of tea or coffee.

Give them a great set of coasters and some interesting stories to tell with the Australian Wildflower Coaster Set which features 6 different Australian wildflower designs and their names so that you can recognise them when you are out and about too!

Some other wonderful sets to choose from are the Aboriginal coaster sets which come in a range of different colours, designs and patterns, one example is the Jukurrpa set pictured below, they are all made in Australia with unique and colourful Aboriginal designs. To see the full range of great coaster sets available from Australia The Gift click here.

Coloured Wildflower Coaster Set
Australian Made Coasters

Kitchen necessities gift pack

For an incredibly useful housewarming present you could put together a Kitchen Necessities Gift Pack. Include things like a tea towel, bottle opener or wine corkscrew - depending on their drink of choice, and an oven mitt, cute ceramic tea spoons or set of teas and coffees. There are plenty of options to choose from and a vast array of possible combinations all available from Australia The Gift.

Think of the person you are buying for, their tastes and home styling in order to select the best gifts for them personally. Our top picks to include the following; Ceramic tea spoons, beautiful to hold and to look at, they are perfect for teas and coffees, desserts and serving small condiments.

For an especially pretty set see the Judy Watson Ju Ceramic Tea Spoon Set below, they come packaged in a gift box with information about the artist and artwork and royalties from this product directly benefit the artist and their community.

Another great choice would be the super cute Sydney Downunder Tea Towel which is a 100% cotton Sydney themed tea-towel featuring Australia icons, native animals and fauna. See all the options online or in store.

Judy Watson Ju Ceramic Tea Spoon Set

Entertainers delight

Entertaining is a joy appreciated by many, if the persons you are buying a house warming gift for like to entertain then a set of entertaining platters and utensils will make a great present.

A platter, salad bowl and salad servers make a great combination. Australia The Gift has some magnificent aboriginal artwork designs in different colours and patterns on a combination of items so that it is possible to create a matching set.

See below for the matching entertaining utensils in a pattern from artist Teddy Gibson’s artworks. All items are packaged with information about the artist and artwork and royalties from this product directly benefit the artist and their community.

Teddy Gibson Aboriginal Platter
Teddy Gibson Salad Bowl
Teddy Gibson Salad Server Set

Scented home - candles & diffusers

Everyone loves a home that smells good, it feels polished and inviting to enter a home which has made good use of scent diffusers and scented candles.

To gift some sweet candle lit atmosphere and a gorgeous aroma there are some excellent options from Australia The Gift including Aboriginal Candle Holders such as the Finke River Candle Holder made of stained glass, featured below.

Another good choice is the Banksia Mini Aroma Pot to which you can add any of your favourite essential oils, the Banksia will soak up the oil and fragrance your room for weeks.

In fact, Australia The Gift has a whole host of different Banksia Gifts which are 100% Australian Made, Individually hand crafted from Australian Banksia seed pods and Collected under strict State Forestry conditions by licensed pickers

Finke River Candle Holder
Banksia Pod Gift Set

Bringing it on home

Best wishes on your hunt for the best housewarming gifts from Australia. Keep in mind the balance of practicality and luxury and you will choose a wonderful present.
Shop housewarming presents online or in store at Australia The Gift.



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