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5 Best Australian Gifts

We make it easier than ever to find the best Australian Gift Ideas


So you want to know what the best Australian gifts are?
Australian gifts are important to celebrate the country and culture of Australia.

An absolutely essential consideration if you are Australian and are going travelling overseas, you will want to have a collection of items in your bag to give to people you meet on your travels to remind them of you and share with them some unique aspects of your country.

Australian Souvenir gifts are perfect for giving to hosts whom you live with or children you may meet or new friends you make along the way. Australian gifts are also great for people travelling to Australia, if you are having someone from a different country stay with you or you become friends with someone during their trip it’s nice to give them a memento to remember you and their adventures in Australia.

Visitors and travellers to Australia can also benefit from purchasing Australian themed souvenirs and gifts as presents to take back home and gift to friends and family members. Even for people who live in Australia it is nice to give gifts to your friends and family that are local to support Australian made and your own country and manufacturers and small businesses. In conclusion, everyone can appreciate Australian gifts!

See below for the 5 best Australian gifts to give:

1.   Best Australian Gifts - Scarves and Ties

Scarves and ties are perfect gifts for professionals especially those who often travel for business. That way they can represent their country wherever their work takes them.

An excellent choice as a corporate gift for overseas business partners, business travellers or simply those who often wear ties and scarves in their daily wardrobes, woolen scarves are perfect for cooler climates.

Ties are a business attire essential for many men, and silk scarves are gaining popularity at the moment and not just as work attire. Silk scarves can be worn as a fashion statement wrapped around a ponytail or wrist as a stylish accessory or of course tied in various styles around the neck.

Silk scarves also make an excellent choice as an environmentally sustainable gift wrap, a practice that originated in Japan and is gaining international momentum, a far more classy way to wrap a gift than in paper and of course they can use it after too.

Choose from our huge range of Australian themed silk scarves, Australian woolen scarves, and Aussie ties there are options with Koalas, Kangaroos and best of all, stunning and unique patterns designed by Australian Aboriginal artists.

2.   Best Australian Gifts - Uniquely Australian Face Creams

For a truly luxurious gift choose from our selection of quality face and body creams made from uniquely Australian ingredients such as placenta cream, lanolin cream and paw paw ointment.

Australian placenta cream products, including high quality face and hand creams that are designed to revitalise and nourish your skin. Our placenta creams have been specifically formulated to stimulate skin cell renewal whilst providing intense hydration to the skin, resulting in a youthful appearance and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Or perhaps you prefer to try a lanolin cream? Lanolin is a rich waxy oil which is extracted from sheep wool, the concentrated luxuriant substance is then infused with other ingredients and the raw concentrated Lanolin becomes Lanolin cream.

Although Lanolin does come from an animal you can rest assured it is actually cruelty-free, as it is only extracted from the sheep wool once it has been sheared. Our lanolin creams have been specifically formulated to nourish damaged skin and soothe minor skin irritations, resulting in more radiant and soft skin.



3.   Best Australian Gifts - Australiana Mugs and Tea Towels

Souvenir gifts such as mugs and tea towels that are useful on a daily basis make great gifts. Surprisingly mugs, although you may be concerned that they are breakable, if packaged correctly in its own gift box or wrapped in a matching souvenir tea towel actually travel quite well, tea towels are light and super easy to pack and travel with.

They are both a useful gift that won't just end up in the back of a cupboard somewhere but will be used and enjoyed often. Every time the person takes a drink or dries their dishes they will think of you and of Australia too!

Our range of stunning Australian themed mugs and tea towels make such great souvenirs and there is an option to suit everyone. From adorable animal mugs and tea towels  featuring Koalas and Kangaroos to unique Australian flora and fauna mugs and towels, funny Australian designs with Aussie sayings and specific city celebration versions and even towels, mugs and tea cups complete with saucers designed by real aboriginal artists.

Everyone has a favourite mug so give a gift mug and maybe it will become their special favourite, wrap it in a gorgeous tea towel to keep it safe and complete the gift.




4.   Best Australian Gifts - Foodie Treats

Everyone likes food so it is a no brainer that a food based gift is going to be received well. Therefore food is probably your best and safest option if you don't know the person well.

If you do know the gift recipient well then that is even better you can choose their favourite snack which is sure to be a gift winner. People generally tend to be either a  sweet or salty snack fan so to be sure of their enjoyment why not give one of each and pair some macadamia chocolates with a packet of kangaroo jerky.

If you know they are a sucker for sweets then a fun sweet treat is the famous Kangaroo Poo Chocolates perfect for both kids and adults. A great sweet gift, without the silly twist, would be the chocolate macadamias which are super delicious or the gluten free chocolate kangaroos.

For coffee or tea lovers, don’t miss the unique macadamia coffee or the macadamia tea made from 100% Australian ingredients. For adventurous meat lovers, an interesting uniquely Australian gift would be kangaroo jerky or the trio tasters of Roo, Emu and Croc Jerky.

If you are planning a real foodie gift then why not create your own gift hamper with a collection of special and tasty Australian treats of every kind, this also lends itself well to a wonderful corporate gift for overseas business partners you may be visiting.



5.   Best Australian Gifts - Soft Toys

No gift list would be complete without the most quintessential gift of all, a teddy bear, or the Australian version, a Koala Bear. A cute and cuddly soft toy makes a wonderful gift for loved ones, especially children but certainly not only for children.

Lovers appreciate a cute toy to cuddle in your absence, parents and grandparents like the sweet reminder of your love and even business partners can enjoy an adorable plush version of Australian wildlife. There are endless options for Australian soft toys to give as gifts, read on for some of our top picks.

High on the list are the little clip on Koalas which can be purchased in bulk packs, are lightweight and don't take up much room meaning they are perfect if you have multiple people to give a present to. For an extra fun soft toy we recommend the squeezable toys that speak, there are Cockatoo, Koala and Kangaroo versions of this funny, interactive, chatty toy.

Then of course there are larger snuggly soft toys in several different types of Australian wildlife such as Kangaroo teddies, soft wombat toys, cute Koala teddy bears, plush crocodile and echidna's and even a platypus so take your pick or choose their favourite Aussie animal in toy version.


No matter the recipient or reason, giving gifts is always a heartfelt experience that brings as much joy to the giver as to the receiver. Pick a lovely present from the 5 Best Australian Gifts and enjoy the warm glow that comes with the practice of giving.



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