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Summer Wardrobe Refresh

Our guide to Australia the Gift's best clothing & headwear  

Australian Summer Clothing

Summer lovin'

Summer is on the way to the southern hemisphere and no doubt it will be packing a punch. With the changing of the seasons comes a welcome change in wardrobe, time to retire the sweaters, jumpers and beanies to the back of the cupboard - if you even got them out at all! Looking at you Cairns and Darwin. Australia The Gift has lots of great options for summer clothing and beach wear, below are some of our top picks.


Hats & Caps

Hats are a must have to protect against the dangerous and aging rays of the strong Australian sun. Skin cancer rates are higher in Australia than anywhere else in the world, reportedly two out of three people in Australia will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they turn 70 years old.

The cause of skin cancer is usually repeated exposure to UV rays from the sun. To make sure you are safe from UV rays it is important to cover up when in the sun and apply sunscreen to any exposed areas and, perhaps most important, wear a hat!

At Australia the Gift there are plenty of hat styles to choose from, including the authentic Aussie cork hats and leather drover hats as well as the more modern caps, visors, bucket hats and cricket hats.

Whatever your style we are sure to have something that you will love.

Ladies Wide Brim Hat Taupe
Australia Downunder Trucker Cap
Koala Cap Blue


Aussie tees galore! Australia The Gift has a range of Australian T-Shirts for souvenirs and general wear that includes a selection of authentic Australian inspired t-shirt designs, colours and styles for men women and children.

Our t-shirts are good quality and affordable and, as of this article being written there is a great sale on in store and online with two t-shirts for $50. Don’t forget to check the product details to see our 100% cotton options.

Whether you’re looking for a casual summer tee shirt, a sports themed top, something featuring the Australian flag, or a memento from your time down under, we’ve got you covered.


Australia Womens T-Shirt Red
Australia Kangaroo Sunset T-Shirt
Hipster Koala Kids T-Shirt


Swimmers, thongs & beach towels!

No Australian summer vibe is complete without beachwear - a good pair of thongs, a beach towel and a new set of swimmers.

Australia’s coastline is nearly 50,000 kilometres long with over 10,000 beaches, that is more beaches than any other country in the world and includes some of the very best beaches in the world too!

So it is no wonder that approximately 85% of the Australian population lives within 50 kilometres of the coastline. To take part in the amazing beach loving lifestyle of Australians you’re going to need some beachwear and maybe a sun umbrella or two.

At Australia the Gift there are boardies and rashies to choose from for swimming, body boarding, surfing and fishing in, there are an array of styles for everyone; men, women and children. We also have an assortment of thongs and Australian flag bikinis.

Australia the Gift also sells a variety of beach towels with great patterns and Australian themes, there are even hooded towels for the kids to play kangaroo and koala in!



Summer is when Australia really comes alive, with traditions of going to the beach, hosting BBQs, camping and playing sports with friends. It is a fun and busy time, make sure you are looking your best with a new summer wardrobe from Australia the Gift, and especially a sun safe hat.



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