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Australia’s National Colours – How We Chose Green & Gold

Why Does Australia Play In Green & Gold?


One aspect of Australian life that can be quite confusing to non-Australians, surrounds the use of Green & Gold colours in sporting teams, rather than the Australian flag’s red, white and blue palette.

The sporting powerhouses of Australian national rugby (The Wallabies) and successful Summer Olympics team can usually be seen dressed head to toe in bright Aussie and green and gold kits – which begs the question, why?

This article delves into the history of Australia’s adoption of the green and gold as its national sporting colours whilst also highlighting the very best Australian green and gold souvenirs on the market.

Why Does Australia Play In Green & Gold?

Whilst it may not be completely unique to use different colours to that of the national flag (examples include; Japan, Italy and New Zealand), the decision behind selecting green and gold is steeped in Australian environment influence.

The bright gold is said to represent and conjure imagery of Australian’s beautiful and pristine beaches, vast abundance of minerals, harvests of grain and even the fleeces of Australian wool.

The green is said to represent the iconic Australian eucalyptus forests and faring pastures that are spread throughout Australia.

Supplementary reasoning also points to the golden wattle plant – which is the national floral emblem of Australia. The golden wattle blends the green and gold motifs, offering another explanation behind Australia’s choice of the green and gold.

Many modern Australian’s feel this choice of colour represents the nation of Australia more than the Australian flag, which is heavily based on the United Kingdom’s union jack.

When Did Australia First Play In Green & Gold?

Records dating back as far as the late 1800s indicate the use of green and gold in Australia’s sporting uniforms and equipment. According to sources, the first Australian sporting team to don the green and gold was in fact the Australian national cricket team back in 1899.

Yet it wasn’t until 1984 when they were officially established as Australia’s sporting colours by the Governor-General of Australia, Sir Ninian Stephen, by order of the then prime minister Bob Hawke.

Before then the more obviously red white and blue of the Australian flag were used in sporting events.


Modern Usage of Green & Gold

Currently there are 25 Australian national sporting teams that play in the green and gold style, including the Summer Olympics team, the Wallabies and Socceroos.

The bright colours have now been adopted by many Australians and can be seen in a huge array of products from baseball caps, t-shirts, wetsuit coolers and even inflatable kangaroos!

Luckily Australia the Gift has a huge range of Aussie supporter clothing and souvenirs that are perfect for cheering on the Socceroos, Wallabies or any of Australia’s sporting teams.

These truly Aussie gifts are also great for adding a bit a green and gold to Australian Citizenship ceremonies, Australia Day parties and corporate events.

Read on to find our top Aussie green and gold gifts below!


Our top 5 Green & Gold Souvenirs

1. Inflatable Kangaroos

2. Australia Green & Gold T-Shirt

3. Australian Cork Hat

4. Green & Gold Stubby Holder

5. Green & Gold Caps

5. Green & Gold Caps

Let’s face it, the Australian sunshine can be brutal at times. Not only does this damage your skin, it also makes it more difficult to concentrate on the game. And that’s not on.

Grab yourself a bargain ANY 2 FOR $20 Aussie Cap and don the green and gold for your next game or event!

4. Green & Gold Stubby Holder

b. One that may not quite be ready for the whole family (depending on your own choices of course) is our Aussie green and gold stubby holder.

Built to keep your drink cold and your hands dry, nothing quite beats an Aussie stubby holder. What’s more you can grab a great deal with ANY 3 FOR JUST $12!

3. Australian Cork Hats

Second to the Inflatable kangaroo, cork hats are also synonymous with Straya.

With its exceptionable double ability to keep the flies away whilst providing sun protection, our Australian Cork Hat is a true blue Aussie souvenir for the whole family!

2. Australia Green & Gold T-Shirt

Our best selling Aussie t-shirt combines the comfort of 100% cotton with Australia’s national sporting colours.

Available in four sizes from small to XL, you’re sure to find the perfect fit. What’s more they come at a great price as part of our ANY 3 FOR $45 range!

1. Inflatable Kangaroos

There are few sights in the world that are more Australian than spotting a proud Aussie wielding a blow-up kangaroo.

Available in two sizes, our green & gold inflatable kangaroos are hilarious and easy to transport, making them perfect for taking with you to the game



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