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10 Australian Souvenir Gift Ideas for Him

If you’ve had an absolutely ripper time in Australia, you might want to take a piece of our unique way of life back home. Shopping for yourself is easy enough, but we do know how hard it is to find the perfect gift for the man in your life. That’s why we have rounded up our most popular Australian souvenir gift ideas for him.

Australian Cork Hat

1. Australian Roadsign Cork Hat

Cork hats were designed for our scorching hot days. The early English settlers wore them to stay cool, recycle their booze bottles and keep the flies at bay with a quick flick of the head. Nothing has changed, our Aussie summer days are still sinking hot and we do love our rum. So, help him keep his hands free for afternoon drinks with a classic road sign cork hat.

Uluru T-shirt

2. Uluru & Kangaroos T-Shirt

This t-shirt has a modern design with the iconic Uluru and kangaroo silhouettes. It’s so easy to slip on and will give him the ultimate bragging rights when he tells his mates about all the unique and wonderful places he’s seen down under.

Australian Flag Thongs
3. Australian Flag Thongs

You can’t go past this Aussie footwear staple. They’re our go to on a hot summer’s day, and well, any type of day. He’s going to need a pair of these if a pair of these if he really wants to fit in with the locals.

Bikini Shot Glasses

4. Bikini Shot Glasses

These are his ultimate drinking buddies! You definitely want to remain patriotic whilst handling a fair few rounds.

Joke Toilet Roll

5. Joke Toilet Roll

Our hilarious joke toilet roll is full of hum-dingers! In fact, it’s the ultimate cure for terrible dad jokes. We think it’s the perfect gift for the man who treats the loo like his man cave!

Australian Slang Book

6. Australian Slang Dictionary

He’ll be a true-blue Aussie gent in no time. Our unique accent and sophisticated play on words aren’t easy to master. “Flat out like a lizard drinking” and “fair suck of the sauce bottle” are colloquial terms that aren’t so obvious for those lacking in fine Australian culture. Luckily, our Australian Slang Dictionary makes learning the local lingo easy.

Koala oven Mitt

7. Koala Oven Mitt

He may be well accustomed to the barbie. But we’re all about seeing men in the kitchen too. If he’s as lazy as a koala, then give him a subtle hint with our cute oven mitt.

Green & Gold Stubby Cooler

8. Green & Gold Wetsuit Cooler

You can’t beat a cold tinnie on a hot summer’s day. Our authentic Aussie stubbie cooler features our national colours. It’s basically the ultimate esky accessory. Keep your drink cold and your hands warm. Simple as that!

Taste of Australia Bundle

9. Taste of Australia Bundle

Our Taste of Australia bundle is chockers with of macadamia nut chocolates! This is the perfect gift for any foodie. It’s also jam packed with Australian raw honey, Rosella jam, emu and kangaroo jerky – this little hamper is best made for sharing. You may as well treat yourself while you’re at it too!

Mens Aussie Underwear

10. Mens Australian Flag Underwear

If all else fails, socks and undies are always a safe bet. And crikey, what a look! These Australian flag, seam free trunks are super comfy and rather striking.

So, there it is! Our no-fail list of Australiana gift ideas for him. Click here if you want to see more. Happy shopping!

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