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Corporate Gift Ideas For Australian Businesses

Your definitive guide to finding the perfect Australian Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts For Overseas Trips

First things first

Corporate gifts can be confusing; What are they, When to give them, Who to give them to? This article will answer these questions by giving an overview of corporate gifting as well as supplying you with some great ideas for Australian themed corporate gifts.


What are corporate gifts?

Corporate Gifts are an item given from one business or the representative of a business to a recipient who is important to the business, usually a business partner, client or supplier. It is a way of saying thank you and of acknowledging and appreciating the impact of the person or party on a business's success.


When to give a corporate gift?

It is not necessary to wait until Christmas to give corporate gifts though this is still the most popular and common practise. Corporate gifts can also be given on other religious or non denominational holidays that you know to be important to your business partner.

Perhaps the best time to give a corporate gift is upon sealing a new deal or landing a big contract or launching a new venture or product as a celebration and thank you.

Framed Aboriginal Boomerang

Who to give corporate gifts to?

Usually corporate gifts are given to clients, business partners, important suppliers or
service providers and employees. Most business gurus recommend sending a small gift to the clients of your company at least once a year to ensure that you stay in good favour and at the top of their mind, especially in competitive markets where competition is always looking to snatch your clients away.


What should Australian businesses give as corporate gifts?

In today’s global economy, likely many of your business partners, clients, suppliers and even some employees are based overseas. This makes it clear to organise gifts with an Australian theme to keep them thinking of you. To give gifts that are uniquely Australian, thoughtful and themed means that you will stand out from the many other standard gifts and food based gifts.


See below for some top picks for unique Australian corporate gifts:

Luxurious Australian made scarf

Australia The Gift has a great range of stunning Australian made scarves. Some examples are the Outstations Scarf Collection. These scarves are 100% Australian made and come in eight beautiful designs by Aboriginal Australian artists and are made from polyester chiffon.

Another wonderful collection are the Rectangle Aboriginal Design Silk Scarves, which are made from 100% silk and come in 7 distinct patterns. The silk scarves come presented in a handmade gift box and include a card explaining the artist and artwork that is featured on the scarf.

Royalties from every sale go directly to each Aboriginal artist. These scarves make a beautiful, meaningful and ethical corporate gift that is uniquely Australian.


Quality Australian Themed Ties

A more masculine equivalent of the scarves, ties too make a great corporate gift. Australia The Gift has a stunning selection of high quality ties ranging from more traditional and conservative to bright, artistic and unique, you will be able to find something that fits the personality of the recipient of your gift.

Our ties are Australian made, polyester, high quality and 150cm long. The Australian aboriginal artist designed ties each have unique stories behind the artworks that are printed onto the tie and Royalties are paid to the artist with every product sold.


Banksia Gifts

Banksia is the name of an iconic Australian native tree or shrub of which there are over 170 recognised species. The cones of many of the Banksia species are sought after as they can be used to make very attractive and interesting ornaments and housewares.

Banksia gifts make the perfect unique corporate gift; our Banksia products are all 100% Australian Made and individually handcrafted from Australian Banksia seed pods which are collected under strict State Forestry conditions by licensed pickers.

Some recommended Banksia gift items are the Banksia Gift Set in which the Banksia cone is used as an aroma pod that essential oils are applied to. This gift set comes beautifully packaged in a stylish gift box and includes Australian Eucalyptus oil, the Banksia will soak up the oil and fragrance a room for weeks.

Another popular Banksia gift is the Banksia Hollow Tea Light Holder which makes a pretty ornament in which a tealight can be placed to create a calm candle lit atmosphere.

Australian Boomerang Gift

For a more traditionally Australian gift you can’t go past the boomerang. Australia The Gift has a huge range of wonderful Australian made and designed, painted and unpainted boomerangs.

There are plenty to choose from with traditional gift boomerangs and working returning boomerangs to framed boomerang art pieces, all available in an array of different sizes. However, perhaps the best boomerang option for corporate gifting is the Burnt Wood Boomerang which comes in 4 different sizes.

The burnt wood boomerangs are handmade and decorated via burning technique with Aboriginal dot art which is one of the oldest forms of ‘unbroken’ art in the world. Importantly, with these boomerangs customization is available meaning you can add your corporate gift recipients name or logo or a personalised message to the boomerang making it that much more special and unique.


Australian Slang Dictionary

For a more lighthearted corporate gifting option the Australian Slang Dictionary makes a great choice. You can laugh about the dictionary being necessary to be able to understand your Aussie slang and phrases.

Overseas business partners will find it novel, interesting and amusing and a welcome break from the usual more serious corporate gifts. A humorous gift can help to deepen the relationship and give you something extra to talk about when building rapport.


To see more ideas for great corporate gifts visit our corporate gifts page. If you are looking for bulk orders or customisation of your items please get in touch with us through the corporate sales page here.




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