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Best Secret Santa & Office Party Christmas Gifts

Nail this year's Secret Santa with our top picks of Australian Christmas gifts

Best Secret Santa Christmas Gifts

Christmas is almost upon us again and we are as surprised as you, we are only just recovering from last year’s Christmas parties! But alas the years do seem to speed up so it’s time to get ready for the onslaught of Christmas parties, office parties, kids Christmas shows, club and group Christmas lunches and all the rest.

Oftentimes these gatherings call for gifts, usually small tokens of appreciation with a spending cap of $10 - 50 depending on the group.

It is always nice to get gifts of appreciation for people in your life that are not necessarily close friends or family but who have made an impact on your year and been helpful to your family in some way.

This could be your child’s teacher, a colleague who is always on board to help you out at work, a top client who send lots of accounts your way, your personal trainer, coach or counselor or the coordinator of a community or sports group you belong to.



A small gift is an acknowledgement that all their hard work doesn't go unnoticed and it is very much appreciated, these types of small tokens can make all the difference in that person continuing to do the great work they do.

Secret Santa activities are popular, this is where all the names of the people in your office, workplace, team or community group go into a bucket and are drawn out at random so that each person has the name of someone they are to buy a gift for.

The idea is that the recipient doesn't know who is getting their gift for them and it adds a bit of excitement, mystery and fun to the usual gifting activity.

Below are some of our top picks for good value, fun, useful and thoughtful gifts for acquaintances, colleagues and wider people in your life you would like to acknowledge this Christmas.


Something for their Christmas Tree

A good choice for a small and on theme Christmas gift is to get the recipient a Christmas ornament for their tree or home. We have some great options such as the gorgeous Love Downunder Christmas Bauble Set which is very sweet and would make a lovely addition to anyone’s home decorations.

Another good choice is a uniquely Australian Aboriginal art decorated Christmas bauble of which we have plenty to choose from such as the Kangaroo Sunset design in reds and oranges, with kangaroos, of course.

The Desert Waterholes design in blues and purples or the Hunting Perenti design in orange and black with cool lizards depicted across the surface.

If none of those suit your recipient quite right and you are looking for something a bit more lighthearted and fun then this Surfing Kangaroo Tree Ornament is sure to fit the brief, hilarious and classically Aussie it will be a hit with everyone.



Tasty Treats

Food always goes down well as a gift, especially at this time of year when everyone abandons their healthier diets for a few weeks, or at least until it's time for the new year's resolutions to kick in! For a gift that is both sweet and funny you could opt for joke Koala Poo or Kangaroo poo chocolates.

For something a little bit different the range of bush jerkys makes a great snack and talking point, choose from Kangaroo Jerky, Crocodile Jerky or Emu Jerky or there is also a trio pack available for just a taster of each.

More traditional treats for Christmas gifting include Macadamia Butter Cookies, Specialty Coffees and Teas or chocolates. A popular gift idea, especially if the gift is for a group of people to share, is to combine several food gifts into a delicious hamper that can be enjoyed by all.



Sweet and Studious

Gifts to suit the organised office and teacher types are many and varied. These gifts are kind and thoughtful and easier to gift to people whom you don't know as well because you are giving it based on use and profession.

By giving something useful and profession based you know that the gift will be appreciated no matter the recipients personal tastes.

Great options in this category include things like mugs, notebooks, Pen sets and bookmarks. Australia The Gift has a few excellent choices in this area including the Kangaroo Recycled Notebook which comes in various colours and has a matching pen included.

Our range of Aussie Bookmarks are very sweet with animal carvings and depictions. The bookmarks are 100% Australian made from real Australian trees, beautifully packaged and presented they are a small gift that shows big appreciation. Luxury mugs are a staple in gift giving for a reason, most people have a favourite drink that brings them a lot of joy when going about their day, you're smiling now just thinking about your morning coffee, aren't you?

Australia the Gift has many pretty and interesting mugs to choose from but a few of our top recommendations are the exquisite Australian Wildlife Mug, the stunning Judy Watson Ju Bone China Mug and the super cute Cooee Koala Mug.



Aussie Bloke Friendly Gifts

Ahhhh the notoriously hard to buy for Aussie bloke! Not to worry we have plenty of gift ideas that will go down well even with these tricky folks. For something that will elicit a little snicker every time it is used there is the Kangaroo Scrotum Bottle Opener. For the sports lovers and patriotic fellas the Australian Team Polo Shirt makes a great gift of pride they can wear.

If you happen to know the recipient likes golf then this little golf ball and tee set can make a good gift that shows you remember their favourite activities. For the more traditional men a quality leather wallet is a good choice, as is a new tie, both of which Australia The Gift has a huge range to choose from.

Last but not least, no Australian gift giving guide would be complete without the indispensable Stubby cooler. This is another popular version of a drink gift, like the mug, that you can never have too many of, give a stubby cooler gift and you know it will get plenty of use, especially coming into summer.


There you have it, our list of the best secret santa and office party Christmas gifts.

Happy shopping, happy giving and a very Merry Christmas from us here at Australia The Gift!



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