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Beauty Benefits of Placenta Cream

Why you should be treating your skin to the wonders of Placenta Cream products

Is placenta cream good for your skin

Is Placenta Cream Good For Your Health & Wellbeing?

In recent years the term placenta has been widely linked to the health, wellness and beauty industries, with claims of skin rejuvenation, healthier hair and wrinkle reduction.

We’ve pulled together the facts of Placenta cream’s beauty benefits just for you!


What Is Placenta Cream?

You may have stumbled across the somewhat bizarre sounding practice of eating one’s own placenta on the internet in recent years. Numerous celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Holly Madison and January Jones have all been publicly promoting the health benefits associated with it.

Placentophagy, as it’s know in the scientific community, is a fairly common occurrence within numerous animal groups around the world. Not only that, but there have even been records of the tradition being practised as early as 1500’s in Chinese traditional medicines to cure common ailments including exhaustion, pain relief and anaemia to name but a few.

Whilst scientifically backed studies on the practise of placentophagy are still in their infancy, the jury is still out on whether the claims that are being made by the celebrity community are valid.

It is worth noting however that one potential reason for this lack of scientific literature could well be due to the lack of willing new mother participants who quite rightly are focusing not only on recuperating after birth but also tending to their new born babies.

What Are The Best Beauty Products

Are Placenta Cream Beauty Products Effective?

Here’s where it gets interesting. There have in fact been a number of studies into using placenta for beauty purposes, namely in Korea and the USA. One such study in Korea in 2015 concluded that there was evidence to show that application and ingestion of placenta extract supplements visibly reduced wrinkles whilst also reducing trans-epidermal water loss.

Furthermore, another study, also conducted in Korea indicated a link between using placenta products topically and an increased rate of wound healing in rats. These findings have stimulated a growth within the beauty market for placenta cream products, especially within the Asian markets.


What Placenta Cream Products Are Available?

As with most beauty products, suppliers and brands can be numerous however with placenta cream in particular there are two main suppliers of placenta cream. The first being Ascool, whose products are made here in Australia, and the second being Lanocreme.

Ascool Placenta Cream

Starting with our most popular beauty cream, Ascool Placenta Cream contains a rich and unique blend of placenta, lanolin, squalene and vitamin E. When combined, these ingredients create a gentle skin cream for the face and body that deeply nourishes the skin and promotes a healthier more vibrant appearance.

It’s also particularly effective at treating minor skin ailments such as dry or rough skin. Simply apply the placenta cream daily to obtain the best results. This product is not tested on animals and is made right here in Australia, meaning you can rest assured that it has passed all required safety and quality standards.

Whether you are looking to try placenta cream for the first time, or are an avid user of this mositurising miracle cream, we have you covered. You can buy Ascool Placenta Cream in single tub form and also as a value bulk pack at a great price!



Lanocreme Placenta Cream

Next up is our New Zealand made beauty cream made by Lanocreme. The company has been in operation since 1959 and has had a proven track record of creating high quality lotions and creams that leave your skin feeling nourished and soft.

Lanoncreme placenta cream is part of the company’s Gold range, and is a clinically formulated moisturisng complex with extracts of Green Tea. Why Green tea you may ask, well the tea contains a powerful anti-oxidant which has been found to be 25 times for effective at neutralising free radicals when compared to Vitamin E.

As with our Ascool range, we stock individual tubs and bulk packs at a great price, so you’re certain to find the right fit for you.


The verdict

With anti-aging cosmetics continuing to grow and become ever more important, the industry will always be on the lookout for the next innovation aimed at keeping its user’s skin supple, glowing and wrinkle free.

The good news is that the recent breakthroughs and results of using placenta cream products all point towards a future that embraces placenta extract within everyday cosmetics.



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