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Australiana - Your Guide To All Things Aussie

Explore the cultural traditions of this vast land called Australia 


Australiana is the celebration of all things Aussie. The objects, songs, foods, art styles, animals, colours and imagery that over the years and history of the country have come to be icons of the country and culture.

Some are fun and silly and kitsch like fairy bread and others are more deeply ingrained cultural treasures, such as boomerangs and dot art. If it is quintessentially Aussie it is likely to be classed as ‘Australiana’.

Australia The Gift store has many items for sale that are very much part of Australiana, in fact one could probably say everything at Australia The Gift represents Australiana in some way.

Read on and check out our great examples below.

Australian Outback Hats

Australia’s more pared back version of the American cowboy hat is known as an Australian outback hat. Developed for similar reasons to be a hardworking, durable hat with an extra wide brim to keep the heat of the wild west or Australian outback off the wearer.

Outback hats come in different types and are known by different terms such as Akubra hat, BC (Bill Conner), Stockman, Squashy hats, Barmah, Crocodile hunter and of course the iconic Cork hats.


Kangaroo everything! Kangaroos are endemic to Australia, meaning that it is the only place in the world that they are naturally found. Because of this and their inherent fun lively image and bouncing mode of travel, kangaroos have become a national symbol.

Kangaroos can be found adorning everything from souvenirs to the logo of the national airline Qantas and even featuring on the Australian coat of arms.

Put a Kangaroo on anything and it’s Australiana, Australia the gift has plenty of kangaroo gifts on offer including Kangaroo chocolates, opal kangaroo jewellery, Kangaroo leather wallets, plush kangaroo toys and so much more!

Boardies & Thongs

A beach loving nation, Australia is known for boardies (Board Shorts) and thongs (flipflops / jandals) being fashion staples.

These mainstays are not just restricted to near the beach and you are likely to see this attire worn in all major cities and even out into the rural areas too. Whether water is nearby or not the boardies and thongs are a national outfit, classic Australian wear.

Extra points for Australiana if they are patterned with the Australian flag.



The mere mention of a boomerang brings with it thoughts of Australia such is the association between the two. The boomerang is another great example of Australiana and appears throughout the country in logos, artwork and gifts, even the 2000 Olympics held in Australia featured a boomerang in the logo.

The boomerang is a traditionally wooden object that is thrown for use in hunting, sport and as a toy, it has been used by the aboriginal people of Australia for thousands of years and comes in a multitude of shapes, sizes and types for different purposes.

Australia The Gift has a huge range of different boomerangs and boomerang art. Boomerangs are a good idea for a gift, especially if you buy one that has been hand painted by an aboriginal artist so that the profits go back into the local community


Green & Gold

Green and Gold officially became the sports colours of Australia in 1984 though they were commonly used as national colours as far back as the 1800s.

With the intense passion that Australians have for sport it is no wonder that the national sporting colours have become so popular and such a strong exhibition of Australiana.

The colours are said to represent the national floral emblem, the golden wattle as well as the wealth (gold) and natural (green) elements of the country. Green and gold australiana gifts are plenty and usually sports themed such as polo shirts, caps and sports equipment.


Aboriginal Dot Art

Aboriginal art is one of the oldest types of art that has been found, carvings have been found in Arnhem land in Australia that has been dated to at least 60,000 years.

There are complex and special ceremonies and traditions around storytelling through art and dance among the Australian Aboriginal peoples.

In fact the modern form of Aboriginal dot art that we see commonly today originated as a way to obscure sacred Aboriginal knowledge from foreigners.

Because of this it is important that when buying aboriginal art, even from smaller gift shops, and as souvenirs, that you ensure it is truly Australian made by an Aboriginal artist who has the blessing of their people and receives royalties from their artistic creations.


Australia is a vast country with special wildlife, an array of cultural traditions and a uniquely Australian way of life. This is expressed through Australiana, or all things quintessentially Aussie.

To shop for Australian souvenirs, gifts and Australiana, visit one of our stores or shop online here.



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