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11 Traditional Australian Souvenirs to Take Overseas

We’ve all been there! It’s a mad dash trying to source those last-minute Australian gifts to take home at the end of a holiday. Re-packing all of your holiday wares back into your suitcase is already hard enough! That’s why we’ve put together our top 11 traditional Australian souvenirs to take overseas.

Our hand-picked list of traditional Australiana gifts is practical and unique. Did we also mention that they’re perfect for sending to expat friends and family living overseas?  They’re all non-perishable, pack away neatly and lightweight. We know those international shipping fee feels all too well!

So, read on if you want a quick hit list of true-blue Australian gifts. You can thank us later…

Australia Tea Towel

#1 Australian Tea Towels


Our Australian tea towels are printed with a stack of unique designs! With everything from kitsch koala prints to traditional aboriginal artworks – we’ve got all styles covered! Cherish your memories of Australia’s most iconic landmarks and invite a unique talking point into your home.

Better yet, they’re made on high quality linen and are the perfect Australian made gift. Lightweight with a big visual impact – they’re the perfect traditional Australian gift to add to your suitcase.

Ascool Placenta Cream Bulk Pack

#2 Australian Skin Creams


It’s no secret that we put up with some harsh elements in Australia. Dorothea Mackellar wasn’t lying!

That’s why our nourishing Australian skin creams are packed with powerful active ingredients like Manuka, Papaya and Lavender. Our harsh Australian sun also makes us quite privy to sun damage and skin ageing. So, our traditional Australian placenta creams are specifically designed to boost skin rejuvenation and collagen production.

Our Lanolin cream also gets taken home in bulk! Lanolin is a powerful emollient that helps dead skin cells fall off and aids your skin to retain water, leaving it feeling smoother and softer. Our top brands like Lanocreme Placenta Cream and Ascool Placenta cream are sure bets for great Australian gifts!

Koala Toy Backpack

#3 Koala Backpack


We can’t think of a better gift for kids. These shy little sleepy heads must be the most photographed and cuddled animals in Australia! Our cute koala backpack comes with extendable straps, so you don’t have to worry about sizing. Not to mention a soft and cuddly fabric! Easily recognised as our unofficial national animal – an Australian koala souvenir will beat out a teddy bear any day of the week!

Australian Gold Map Necklace

#4 Australian gold necklace


An Australian gold necklace is a beautiful last-minute souvenir for her. Our lightweight, stunning designs move very quickly! They’re made with beautiful glass pendants, encasing a pure gold leaf moulded into a variety of shapes. Choose from love hearts, kangaroos or an traditional Australian map gift for a unique touch!

They also come beautifully presented in a gift box, ready to go! Light weight and discrete, it’s easy to pack away this surprise traditional Australian souvenir.

Kangaroo Leather Wallet

#5 Kangaroo leather wallet


Our kangaroo wallets are one of our best sellers for gents. We have options for every budget – with premium, genuine kangaroo leather to PU options available. All our designs have plenty of convenient compartments and traditional kangaroo prints. Share the true spirit of Australia with this stylish souvenir!

Rosella Jam

#6 Rosella Jam

Buying for a sweet tooth? Our rosella jam for sale is an irresistible choice. Made from coastal Queensland rosella fruit, with a tart flavour that is super popular with all the Australian foodies! This sweet bush tucker treat is a safer bet then vegemite!

Rosella not quite your style? The rest of our Australian wild bush food jams and conserves and made with 100% Australian ingredients too! (The mango jam with a hint of lime is a super summer treat!)

Australian Opal Oval Pendant

#7 Australian Opal Jewellery


The most precious opals in the world come from Australia’s desert regions. Our unique geological environment grants Australian opals a kaleidoscopic colour play! Beautifully set in gold, silver and palladium bracelet and necklace designs – you may as well treat yourself while you’re at it!

Koala Keyrings

#8 Australian Magnets & Keyrings


Our traditional Australian magnets and keyrings take the cake as an easy, pack-away option. We’ve got funky road signs, swagman Koala’s and thermometers. A daily reminder of all the weird and wonderful Aussie flora and fauna – there’s something for every taste, age and sense of humour.

Koala Socks

#9 Australian Animal Socks


Bless our cotton socks! We’ve made the cutest koala and kangaroo socks! They’re crafted from Australian made cotton and have reinforced toes. Luxurious and fun! Need we say more about this cute traditional Australian Gift?

Boxing Kangaroo Pen

#10 Boxing Kangaroo Pen


Our boxing kangaroo pen is the perfect corporate Australian gift. Pick a bunch of these up if you’re traveling overseas for an important business meeting. The boxing kangaroo pretty much sums up our stoic attitude perfectly. It’s a sure-fire conversation starter for an important meeting or network event!

Aboriginal Turtle Art

#11 Aboriginal framed art


Aboriginal art is full of rich history, character and style. Our aboriginal framed art gifts are a clear winner for a traditional Australian souvenir. They’re made in Australia with authentic Aboriginal designs and colours.

Still stuck and can’t decide? Or need more help shopping for the man in your life? Check out our list of perfect gift ideas for him!

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