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Australian Beach Essentials

Our guide to making the very best of your next beach adventure


Australia is a nation of beach lovers with undoubtedly some of the best beaches in the world, many visitors come to Australia to explore some of the 36,735 kilometres of coastline which is said to contain more than 10,000 beaches.

Plenty of Australia’s beaches are breathtakingly beautiful with tropical palms, silky white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters. Because of the low population density in Australia and the ample beaches you don’t even have to go too far out of the cities to find stunning beaches that you are likely to have all to yourself.

Recently a survey of over 600 journalists, travel writers and travel agencies compiled a fairly comprehensive list of the world's best beaches, and Australia's amazing coastline stood out above the rest.

Whitehaven Beach


Out of all the countries and stunning beaches that the world has to offer Australia managed to make the top 10 best beaches list not once but twice!

Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays was rated as the world's second best beach (many other publications often label this beach the best in the world).

Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay came in at 8th place and the Guinness World Records has also deemed this beach as having the record for the whitest sand in the world.

While these two beaches in particular are beyond belief in their perfection and beauty, a great many of Australia’s beaches are very good and well worth exploring.

Hyams Beach


It comes as no surprise that the majority of the Australian Population is concentrated along the coastlines. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of those special beaches, the weather is favourable (even tropical year round in some parts) and the Aussie lifestyle has become centered around the beach.

Australian’s spend much of their leisure time pursuing beach activities such as swimming, surfing, kayaking, surf life saving, fishing, jet skiing and more. Beach lifestyle has come to be a quintessential part of Aussie culture and with that comes all the accessories, clothing, equipment and toys that accompanies it. See below for some Australian Beach Essentials.

Thongs (no, not that kind)

Flip flops being the most known term, they are called thongs in Australia and Jandals in New Zealand and no matter what you call them you will need some at the beach to protect you from the hot sand.

Thongs are the most popular footwear in Australia they are easily slip on and off whether your feet are wet or dry, sandy or smooth and keep your feet cool in the Australian heat. You will see people wearing thongs year round and in cities as well as near the coast. Grab a pair for yourself.

Beach Towels

When going to the beach you will need something to dry off with or to stretch out on under the warm sunshine. Towels are a beach essential of course and you will find Australian’s have managed to turn this into an artform.

Choices of towels is vast with extra large towels, round towels, sand free towels, towel ponchos, towels with hoods, microfibre and cotton options and dozens of different patterns and colours to choose from. Pick up a great beach towel from Australia The Gift.


Toys & Sports Equipment

At the beach it’s good to have something to do in case you get bored of swimming in the warm clear water and relaxing in the sunshine.

Bring a ball, frisbee or vortex to kick and throw around and a book to read. Or perhaps watersports gear is more your style? A skimboard, body board or surfboard should do the trick.

If you have children with you then a bucket and spade for building sand castles always goes down well or a floating Surfer Dude toy to play in the waves.



Australia has very high sunshine hours and additionally the sunshine is very strong due to proximity to the ozone hole.

This means it is essential in Australia to cover skin whenever possible with light clothing or sunscreen and to always wear a hat outdoors.

Exposure to the sun can lead to sunburn, premature aging and even melanoma skin cancer, of which Australia has some of the highest rates in the world. Because of this you will notice hats are very popular in Australia with the outback style hats in rural areas and caps in metro areas.

On the beach you will see glamorous wide rim straw sunhats, bucket hats and wide range of different caps, to get yours shop here.


Swimmers, Cozzie, Togs

If you are at the beach then the weather is most likely pretty warm in which case you are going to want to get into the water to cool down.

There is nothing better than diving under a crisp, cool wave on a hot day and feeling the ocean refreshing your skin. Make sure you have your swimsuit (swimmers) with you, also likely to be called a cozzie (swimming costume), togs or perhaps ‘budgie smugglers’ (speedos) if you're really brave.

The general swimwear is a bikini for women and boardies (board shorts) for men. One piece swimsuits are also coming back into fashion for women and many people also opt to wear a rashie (rash shirt) for sun protection, modesty or to stop rashes when laying on a board.

See our full range of swimwear here.


Drink Coolers

Whilst the heat of the day is what draws many people to the beach, it can lead to warm, unappealing drinks.

Why not invest in a insulated drink bottle to keep the contents cold regardless of how hot it is outside. Our stainless steel Insulated Drink Bottles feature beautiful Aboriginal designs in a variety of colours and are specially designed to keep your drink cold.

Australia The Gift also has a huge selection of wetsuit stubby coolers, that offer a lightweight, inexpensive way to keeping your drink cool whilst sunning on the beach!



We're sure by now you are very excited to get down to the beach and frolic in the ocean aussie style!

Make sure you always swim between the flags and listen to the surf life savers instructions and most of all, have fun!



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