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15 Awesome Australian Citizenship Gift Ideas


We've all known someone who has set off on a journey towards obtaining Australian Citizenship.

They've paid the fees, learnt the answers for the Australian citizenship test and finally have their ceremony date organised.

It's a bug day for all involved, especially the newly crowned Australian citizen - therefore we feel its only fair for them to be treated to a special Australian gift or souvenir.

We've pulled together a list of 15 best Australian souvenirs to make your Aussie gift shopping easy. 

We'll cover a range of Australian gift ideas - from Australian Made gifts all the way through to classic true blue souvenirs for you to wear and help celebrate the big day!

So sit back, relax and get ready to scroll through 15 Awesome Australian Citizenship gift ideas!



So just before you pop open the bottle of bubbles in celebration, take breath and prepare to be inspired.

Here are Australia the Gift's top 15 most popular Australian citizenship gift ideas.

We've taken the guess work our of Australian gift buying and have compiled a list of thoughtful and unique Australian gifts.

In a hurry? We've added in handy links to make our Australian gift idea guide easier to navigate.

So let's get going!


Australian Citizenship Gifts - #1 Australian Made Soft Toys


Our Receiving an Australian Made plush toy has become somewhat of a traditional or Australian citizenship ceremonies.

We have a huge selection of Australian Made koalas, kangaroos, wombats, emus, platypus and more.

These Australian animal toys aren't just cute and cuddly, they'll also provide a historic record of the day they became a true Aussie citizen.

Being Australian Made you can also be sure that your gift will be of the highest quality and made from the softest plush materials.

Browse our range below for more great Australian Made Plush Toy inspiration!


Australian Citizenship Gifts - #2 Australian Made Framed Art


These Australian Made Framed Boomerangs have to be one of our most popular Australian corporate gifts.

With a number of hand painted designs and colours, they sit beautifully either on a desk or on the wall in any living room or office.

Each boomerang is hand painted in Australia and thus is unique - making them thoughtful Australian gifts.

Murra Wolka, the creators of these authentic pieces of framed Aboriginal art, are an authentic third generation family business that supports local Aboriginal communities.

You can therefore rest assured that purchasing these boomerangs go towards a good cause.


Australian Citizenship Gifts - #3 Tea Cup & Saucer Set


Let's be honest, obtaining Australian visas can be very stressful!

That's why unique Australian gift ideas like this fine bone china tea cup and saucer make are guaranteed to impress.

After the long wait to become an Australian citizen, let your friend, family member or colleague sit back and enjoy their favourite brew in style.

Every time they go to make a cuppa they'll look at this Australian gift and think of you.

Designed by Judy Watson, royalties from this product directly benefit the artist and their community.

Australian Citizenship Gifts - #4 Kangaroo Leather Wallet


Australian gifts don't always have to be souvenirs. You can also give useful and practical Aussie gifts too!

Take a wallet or purse for example. Your recipient will be reminded of you wherever they are, whether they're shopping, eating out and everything in between.

We have a huge range of quality Australian themed wallets that have a subtle hint of Australia in their design.

But why not go that extra mile and splash out on a high quality Kangaroo Leather Wallet or Purse?

Browse all our Kangaroo Leather products and find yourself a perfect Australian citizenship gift now.


Australian Citizenship Gifts - #5 Kangaroo Leather Floral Purse


Now we know what you're thinking, we've just covered men's wallets, now purses?!

We still stand by our claim that Kangaroo Leather gifts make excellent presents for newly crowned Australian Citizens.

We're not limited to just Kangaroo Leather Purses, we also stock a huge selection of quality leather purses and clutches too.

So what are you waiting for, check out all our Kangaroo Leather purses now.


Australian Citizenship Gifts - #6 Macadamia Tea


What better way to celebrate after the Australian citizenship ceremony than with a delicious Aussie cuppa.

We range a number of delicious Australian Tea and Coffee blends that make ideal gifts for friends, family and co-workers.

So whether they prefer a robust coffee in the morning or a light and fruity tea in the afternoon, we have you covered.

Click the link below to browse all our Australian brews and find yourself some unique Australian gift ideas.

Australian Citizenship Gifts - #7 Australian Made Ties

One of the many perks of becoming an Australian citizen is the luxury of full working rights.

So what better way to help secure that dream job or promotion than with a stylish Australian Neck Tie.

We range a selection of high quality Australian Made Ties that are perfect Australian gifts.

Whether their style requires a subtle hint of Australia with a small kangaroo pin, or a loud and proud Aboriginal themed design - we have you covered.

Australian Citizenship Gifts - #8 Australian Made Socks

Aussie Made socks are a great Australian gift idea as not only do they look great, but you can be sure they will get used day in day out.

Give a pair of of our Australian themed socks and treat their feet.

We have a great range of colours and styles for both men and women so you're bound to find a unique Australian gift here!

Feeling indulgent? For an extra touch of comfort, check out our warm and snug Merino Wool socks.


Australian Citizenship Gifts - #9 Aboriginal Scarves


Our Aboriginal inspired scarves make perfect Australian citizenship gifts. As seen above, our Yijan Aboriginal scarves come in 6 beautiful colours and are 100% Australian Made.

Each Yijan scarf comes with detailed information about the artist and the traditional artwork used, making them a unique Australian Made gift idea.

Yijan Aboriginal Scarves are licensed, meaning that when you purchase one, not only are you buying a great Australian gift, you're also supporting local Aboriginal artists throughout Australia.

See all our Australian scarves below and give a gift of an authentic Australian souvenir.

Australian Citizenship Gifts - #10 Australian Gum Leaf Place Mats


What better way to show your love and support for a new Australian citizen than with a practical and beautiful Australian Gum Leaf gift.

We range a number of authentic Australian Gum Leaf products - including Place Mat Sets, Coasters and Pot Stands.

Stain and heat resistant, you can be sure that your Australian gift will stand the test of time.

100% Australian Made these handcrafted Gum Leaf Place Mats are perfect Austrian gift ideas for friends and family.

Australian Citizenship Gifts - #11 Aussie Slang Book


What better way to complete full integration into Australian life than this detailed expose of our culture down under.

This bloody ripper of a book contains everything from Cor Blimey to Fair Dinkum and is sure to provide a laugh.

This A-Z guide is a perfect Australian gift for those who like a bit of a chuckle or appreciate a bit of banter.

And for those who wish to complete the set, we also have a Aussie Phrases book too!

Click the button below to find out more about this awesome and hilarious Australian gift.

Australian Citizenship Gifts - #12 Aboriginal Candle Holder


Give an authentic and decorative gift to brighten up any apartment or house with our selection of painted glass Candle Holders.

Choose from a variety of sizes, styles and colours and find your perfect Australian gift idea.

Designed by Kathleen, of Pitjantjatjara descent, her designs are inspired by life experiences in a time free of modern technology. 

This is a 'royalties paid' product, meaning a portion of each sale goes to the artist.

Australian Citizenship Gifts - #13 Australian Flag Clothing & Gifts


Want to show your support at the citizenship ceremony as well as your love for all things Australia?

Our huge range of Australian Flag gifts covers everything from stubby coolers and T-Shirts to caps and bikinis.

Even if you aren't looking to turn up to the Australian citizenship ceremony in true blue Aussie clothing, you can still find a great Aussie Flag gift here.

These Aussie gifts are sure to impress and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on any new Australian Citizen.


Australian Citizenship Gifts - #14 Aussie Stubby Coolers


What better Australian gift to give than a truly authentic Aussie Stubby Cooler.

If you're shopping on a budget, our Australian Stubby Coolers are an excellent Australian souvenir choice.

We have a huge range of classic Australian designs including - Australian Flag Stubby Coolers, Kangaroos and Aboriginal inspired styles.

What's more, you can buy 3 coolers for just $12 on selected styles!

Australian Citizenship Gifts - #15 Australian Cork Hat


Following on with our Australian initiation gift ideas, we have the classic Aussie cork hat.

Whilst the effectiveness against the flies varies from state to state with most Aussies living in cities, these cork hats are still great Australian gifts.

A cheap Australian souvenir, our Australian Cork Hats are both funny and unique Australian gift ideas.

Click the link below and browse all our styles and designs and find yourself a great Australian Souvenir idea.


Congratulations! You've made it to the end of our Australian Citizenship Gift Ideas Guide.

Still need Australian gifts inspiration? Don't panic! Check out the links below or head back to the top of the page

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