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10 Best Australian Natural Attractions

There's so much to see and do downunder!

Australian Natural Wonders

Ah Australia! Home of the kangaroo, the flat white and of course the mullet! But did you know that Australia is also host to some pretty epic scenery and natural attractions?

Read our list of 10 most amazing natural attractions that can only be found in Australia!

Uluru Australia

1. Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Otherwise known as Ayers Rock, UNESCO World Heritage Site Uluru is located 335km southwest of Alice Springs. With most of the internet now searching “can you still climb Uluru” the answer, unfortunately, is that as of October 2019, you can’t.

This shouldn’t however mean that one of Australia’s most iconic and sacred landmarks should now be removed from your bucket list. There’s nothing quite like taking a trip up through the red centre of Australia and getting lost in the the vast landscape of the outback and getting up close and personal to this spiritual natural wonder.

Great Barrier Reef Australia

2. Great Barrier Reef

The Great barrier reef is the world’s largest coral reef system, stretching over a jaw-dropping 2,300km! Located in the Coral Sea, off the east coast of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is a must see!

Whether you’re into snorkelling, scuba diving or even observing from the air, the reef will amaze and enchant you. Sadly, the health of the reef in recent years has been in decline, thus making it even more of a priority to see it for yourself in all its turquoise majesty whilst you still can.

Spencer Lake Australia

3. Spencer Lake

Hang on a minute!? Why is Spencer Lake pink!? I know right, isn’t it incredible! Now known more descriptively as Pink Lake, Spencer Lake can be found in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia.

Exactly why the lake takes on a pinkish hue is a complex balance of water salinity, weather conditions and other natural factors. However, one thing’s for sure, it’s truly a magical sight to behold!

Lake Mckenzie Australia

4. Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie (or Boorangoora) is located on Fraser Island in Queensland. With stunning, bright aqua blue’s and deep, rich navy colouring, the lake is picture-postcard perfect!

What’s could be better than a swim in Lake McKenzie after navigating your 4x4 around the tracks of Fraser Island? Not much in our book! And as a bonus fact, scientists have discovered that the lake is unsuitable for many Australian species due to the sands around the beach comprising of pure white silica, and the water being so pure!

The Pinnacles Australia

5. The Pinnacles

Not to be confused with the Pinnacles of Fraser Island, these large limestone formations create an other-worldly landscape in the Nambung National Park in Western Australia.

The weathered pillars of natural limestone reach up to a height of 3.5m from the ground and cover a staggering area of desert near the town of Cervantes.

Kakadu National Park

6. Kakadu National Park

Located around 171km southeast of Darwin, the protected national park covers an area of nearly 20,000km squared! People often ask when is the best time to visit Kakadu National Park?

The best time is often cited as the dry season between June and August. Whilst the park is open all year round, seasoned visitors would advise that during the wet season, the extreme heat and heavy rains can often be a disadvantage.

We would offer the advice that, depending on your itinerary, you can enjoyably visit the park all year round.

Blue Mountains Australia

7. Blue Mountains

Ok, we can safely assume the first thing you want to know is why are the mountains blue? When viewing the mountains from the direction of Sydney, a fine mist caused by the hot sun beating down on the eucalyptus forests of the region refracts the light, giving off a blue hue.

The Blue Mountains are probably the most easily accessible natural attraction on our list, at only 1.5 to 2hours drive from Sydney (traffic depending of course).

Some of the main ranges and attractions of the Blue Mountains region include the Three Sisters sandstone rock formation and Upper Wentworth Falls to name but a few.

Simpson Desert Australia

8. Simpson Desert

First things first, the Simpson Desert is colossally huge. Straddling across the borders of three Australian states (Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland) covers an area of around 175,000 square kilometres!

The desert itself was named by Cecil Madigan and was actually named not after Cecil himself, rather the Australian industrialist Alfred Allen Simpson.

Whilst there aren’t any actual towns or cities in the desert, there are a number of Aboriginal outstations within its borders. Activities include sand boarding, 4x4 driving and even camel riding (if you can catch one!)

Quokka Australia

9. Rottnest Island

Hands up all those in favour of visiting an island named “Rats Nest Island” by the Dutch in 1696. Any takers?

Well it should be confirmed that those Dutch sailors hadn’t actually stumbled across a island of rats, rather an island of quokkas.

You know, the cutest animal that is breaking the internet as we speak. These furry little marsupials are not only adorable but rare, as they are only found within this region of Australia.

Whilst quokkas are amazing, they aren’t the only reason you should visit the island. The island is vehicle free, meaning you can explore the islands coastline, beaches and bush walks in total peace and quiet!

Ningaloo Reef

10. Ningaloo Reef

Touted as the best place on earth to swim alongside whale sharks, Ningaloo Reef is a beautiful world heritage listed marine park like no other! The crystal clear waters contain the world’s largest fringe line reef, stretching a staggering 260km.

The surrounding waters are home to an abundance of natural diversity and life from tropical fish and manta rays to turtle and hump back whales. Not a fan of the ocean? No dramas! You can even view the beautiful majesty of the reef from a microlight – think a hang glider with two seats and an engine!

That's A Wrap!

So that concludes our list of best Australian natural attractions. We hope we’ve whetted your appetite for an Australian adventure whether you’re living down under or visiting from abroad.

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