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Top 5 Australian Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching, Sunday September 1 to be exact, which also happens to
be the first day of spring so there is lots to celebrate! Whether you go all out on fathers day
or keep it low key you are sure to find a little something special for him at Australia The Gift.
We have collated a list of 5 different fun and useful gifts your dad is sure to love this Fathers

1. Top of the list for dad has to be a new wallet, the staple fathers day gift. Why not
spoil him with a genuine leather wallet this year, or even one made from Kangaroo
leather to add a bit of extra interest and a unique twist. Our wallets are great value
and won’t break the bank while still absolutely looking and feeling like a luxurious gift.
There are a range of designs and styles to choose from in shades of both brown and

2. Some say the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach; if that’s the case then
give him a gift he will truly love and order a collection of tasty treats for him to enjoy on
fathers day. Combine a few of our top choices and make the hamper of his dreams. 5 Spice
Beef Jerky comes highly recommended and if the dad in your life is really adventurous be
sure to add Roo, Emu and Crocodile Trio Jerky ! For the dad with a sweet tooth some
Macadamia Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies and Chocolate Macadamias are sure to go down
very well. And for the coffee lovers out there (who isn’t!) our specialty Australian Macadamia
Coffee is a really great treat.

3. Fun novelty gifts! There’s always a few dads that are a bit tricky when it comes to gift
giving. He either has everything or “doesn’t want any fuss” or maybe he just has a really
great sense of humour… for these dads a fun novelty gift is the way to go! We have some
funny gifts that are sure to tickle his funny bone and bring a grin to his face this fathers day.
A winner is the Kangaroo Scrotum Bottle Opener or if he is more of a wine drinker don’t
worry we have that covered too with a Kangaroo Balls Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener . If you
can’t quite get your head around giving dad a set of Kangaroo balls then there are other
options too, such as the Joke Toilet Roll to make sure he is always well stocked with ‘dad
jokes’. Or for the super proud aussie bloke perhaps an Aussie Phrases Button will give him a
laugh as it cycles through ten different recorded sayings such as “She’ll be right” and “Fair

4. Gifts for the patriotic and sports mad dads: We stock a great range of gifts for sports fans ,
no matter which sport it is that your dad is a fan of we are sure to have something that will
help him to share his Aussie pride and feel part of the team. The green and gold supporter
bundle is very popular with those who watch Australia compete on the international stage.
The supporter bundle contains a Green & Gold Australia T-Shirt, Green & Gold Kangaroo
Cap, Green & Gold Stubbie Cooler and a Green & Gold Scarf all for just $39.99. Or the
classic Australian Flag, True Blue Aussie Bundle , also $39.99 which includes a pair of Flag
Thongs (flip flops, jandals), 2 x Small Flags for waving at games or decorating the man cave,
an Australian Flag Cap, Australian Flag Wetsuit / Stubbie Cooler and an Australian Flag
Singlet. If your dad prefers to be in the game than watching it then a fresh set of unique golf
balls and tees or a new waterproof beach soccer ball might be more his speed.

5. Some dads rely on birthdays and fathers day for their wardrobe updates so if this is your
dad, don’t let him down! We have a whole host of different clothing items that can make
fantastic Father’s Day gifts that he will truly appreciate. A new cap with the Australian Coat
Of Arms wouldn’t go amiss as we head back towards summer again, in fact there’s a ton of
hats to choose from caps, beanies, wide brimmed hats, whatever your dads style in
headwear we are sure to have something that will suit him. When it comes to t-shirts we also
have a great range with plenty of different colours and designs to choose from including
some comfortable, smart polo shirts and of course to no fathers day would be complete without
a new pair of socks !

Shop online or instore with Australia The Gift this Father’s day.

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